VRD Series:


VRD series vacuum pump is a high speed, motor direct drive dual-stage oil sealed rotary vane pump. It is basic equipment to obtain vacuum and can be used to pump inactive gas within the scope of low vacuum and a small amount of non-condensable gas.


The pump is especially suitable for coating, refrigeration, freeze drying, sterilization, instrument analysis, leak detection equipment, heat treatment metallurgy, etc. It can be used as a backing pump for roots pumps as well.


The pump has a reasonable structure design for long failure-free operation. It features high reliability, high flow rate, low ultimate pressure and low noise level. The pump has no oil spray, no leak and is easy to maintain.

VSV Series:


The single-stage Value vacuum pump is designed for generating vacuum in closed systems. The VSV series pumps use a small amount of fresh air (so-called gas ballast) at the end of the vacuuming cycle, which pushes out the impurities drawn during the vacuum generation, thus preventing the risk of oil contamination.


Pump inlet is equipped with a non-return valve that prevents air from entering the system after the power is switched off as well as unwanted oil suction. In addition, the pumps are equipped with an oil mist filter, thanks to which pollutants escaping during pump operation are reduced to a minimum. The devices have been designed so that the lubrication system is in the closed mode and the deposited oil in the oil mist filter flows to the device by gravity.


With a wide range of capacities from 20 to 300 m3 / h, and the use of single-phase and three-phase electric motors with outputs from 0.75 kW to 5.5 kW, the pumps have gained a wide range of applications.

The scope of application:


  • Vacuum packing

  • Laboratory and analytics

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Medicine and hospitals

  • Vacuum forming

  • Motorization and transport

  • Lifting

  • Vulcanization

  • Printing

  • LED

  • Wood industry

  • Metallurgical industry

  • Wind, solar, electric energy

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