For pumping liquids or combinations of liquids, gas and fine solids

The heart of all LIQUIVAC pumps is a twin start helical rotor mounted eccentrically in a cylindrical pump casing. Essentially the LiquiVac is a liquid ring Vacuum pump as well as a Centrifugal which can run dry. Please click on the presentation attached or link to the LiquiVac website on the “links” page.

On the initial installation, the pump should be primed with a suitable liquid. During start up the liquid ring is formed creating a seal between the rotor and the liquid ring. It also creates a series of crescent-shaped cavities traveling from suction to delivery. During the priming cycle air is drawn into the cavities, compressed and discharged through the pump. Once the pump is fully primed, cavities are filled with liquid which is discharged through the pump. Any product such as liquid, air, foam, emulsions or vapours exposed to suction would be drawn into these cavities and discharged through the pump.

The large clearances between the rotating and stationary parts allow the pump to handle solids up to 2mm in diameter.