Liq-Evac Extraction Pump

The LiqEvac filtrate extraction pumps are specifically designed to remove liquids from vessels which operate under vacuum conditions. The LiqEvac model 4×9 and 2×9 are available in standard SGI units or a combination of SGI units with a 316 stainless steel impeller or in full 316 stainless steel construction.

The Liq-Evac filtrate pumps are 100% locally manufactured by Vac-Cent Services (Pty) Ltd, a company well known for reliability, service and price.


  • Material of construction stainless steel / Spheroidal-Graphite-iron (SG Iron) / or combinations of stainless steel and SG Iron.
  • Bare shaft pumps or complete sets with base plates, motors and drives
  • Spare parts
  • Full refurbishment services