Hoffman & Lamson Multistage blowers

Hoffman™ and Lamson™ brands have been setting industry standards for excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction for over 100 years. Lamson, established in 1880 and Hoffman, in 1905, are brands customers know and continue to trust.  The range of applications for Hoffman & Lamson centrifugal products is ever-expanding and firmly illustrated with the largest installed base of centrifugal machines in operation worldwide. The experienced Hoffman & Lamson team, backed by years of research and development, provides effective, affordable solutions for a variety of applications.

Hoffman™ and Lamson™ ISO Quality state of the art Lean manufacturing and two-story testing facility in Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, USA, produces engineering to order Hoffman & Lamson blowers, exhausters, central vacuum systems and packages for air and gas applications needs with the most comprehensive product offering in the world. Twenty-two High-performance models with flow ranges from 150 m3/Hr to 70 m3/Hr and pressures to 152 kPaG. Vacuum to 596 mBar