Items are custom designed and fabricated according to customer needs and plant operating conditions.

  • Tanks and vessels
  • Safety guards
  • Protection covers for motor and drive assemblies
  • Drainage troughs and funnels
  • Lining and building gutters and fabrication
  • Ducting systems
  • Fan housings and impellers
  • Manhole lids and frames
  • Scrubber and Absorber bodies / assemblies
  • Fibreglass roof and flat sheets
  • Pultruded profile sections, cable racking, walkway, stair-tread, grating and step ladders
  • Fibreglass wrapped Thermoplastic pipe systems
  • Polymer concrete floor linings
  • On-site repair, linings and maintenance of pipes, tanks and all relevant plant and equipment

Fibreglass (GRP) is done according to SABS standards.

  • SANS 1748-2:2005

We also Supply Fibreglass Materials:

  • Resin (As per customer requirements)
  • Fibreglass reinforcement products (CSM Matting, Woven Roving, Surface Veil)
  • Pigments, Gelcoats, Flowcoats and Topcoats